In the face of the 2020 pandemic challenges, key achievements included finalizing and obtaining regulatory approval for Protocol version 5.0, as well as advancing the clinical trial amidst COVID-19 disruptions, by adjusting the follow-up schedules. The first batch of samples has been sent to the central lab in France for immunological analysis. Data processing is in motion, with plans for immuno-phenotyping updates in 2021. A survey conducted in Sierra Leone unveiled insights into parasitic impacts on Ebola vaccine responses and a publication is ongoing. Our commitments to capacity-building initiatives, notably materialized in the creation of a new university degree in Global Health and Emerging diseases at the Gamal Abdel Nasser University of Conakry, in partnership with Montpellier University, reflecting our commitment to strengthening and maintaining capacity in clinical research for site staff.

Please read our latest publishable summary report to learn more about the project’s progress and results!